No Border River

Avtor Kolpa akcija , . objavljeno v Kolpa - No Border River

Border river Kolpa which runs through the Kolpa valley,  devides the territory between two countries but it doesn't devide  two nations. On the contrary, it unites them. There are only a few differences between youngsters on both sides of the river. Their way of thinking, interests and goals are very similar. Slovenia and Croatia each have their own language, but the speech in the Kolpa valley  is almost the same, since bothe nations have a long, common history in the same country. The border could also not devide history, beauty and attractions on both sides.

People on both sides of the border were always concerned with their survival in remote areas, non fertile land, unfriendly climate. The situation today is pretty much the same. People are warm and kind, they look forward to visitors and gladly accept any kind of initiative. They also have something else in common: they try to figure out how they could make their living with tourism, since agriculture is almost  non exisiting, as well as economy in most municipalities along the river bed. Residents are desperate. Young people are leaving, because there are no job opportunities, the only ones that stay, are retirees. It's a bit different in the Summer, but it is not enough. If nothing crucial happens in the very near future, the area will become isolated for most of the year. Wild tourism and weekend tourism will blossom only it the Summer season.

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